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People tell you to “write what you know,” and this blog expresses that philosophy. I’m a historian writing historical fiction set in early modern Europe and the steppes, so you will find lots of mini-history lessons here—more fun, I hope, than the ones you may have suffered through in school. I’ve worked in publishing for two decades and make up one-quarter of Five Directions Press, a writers’ cooperative launched in 2012, so I have lots to share about the business as seen from both sides. I have loved the ballet since childhood and have spent thirty years doing my poor best to master the art, as reflected in my Tarkei Chronicles series. And like every other writer, I have to cope with the technological challenges posed by the twenty-first century, so I blog about those, too—especially the new publishing climate and the social networks that constitute such a large part of the modern marketing universe.

Last but not least, I blog about books: reading them and writing them. In addition to nonfiction works, I have published nine novels under the Five Directions Press imprint and this pen name, C. P. Lesley, and am working on the tenth. I also host New Books in Historical Fiction, where once a month or so I talk to other writers about their novels, their research, and their writing lives. I announce each new interview here the week it goes live.

So that’s what this blog is about: what it’s like to write about the past but live in a rapidly changing present, to be a historical novelist in the Internet Age. I hope you find some or all of it useful enough that you will stop by once a week to see what I’ve added.

You can also connect with me on Facebook (C. P. Lesley), Pinterest (Catriona Lesley), and Twitter (@cplesley). I am most active, however, on Goodreads, the Internet book club (C.P. Lesley). Or send an e-mail to cplesley at cplesley.com. You can follow New Books in Historical Fiction at @NewBooksHistFic (Twitter) or like us on Facebook. Look forward to seeing you there.

C. P. Lesley is the author of The Not Exactly Scarlet Pimpernel and three series: Legends of the Five Directions; Songs of Steppe & Forest; and the Tarkei Chronicles. For more information, visit my website or  my publishers’ site.

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  1. Your blog sounds so intersting! I do a lot of what you do too, though I'm no historian, I'm just a very passionate lover of history. I write stories set in the 1920s, in america, so far, but my next project will be set in Europe (Weimar Republic most likely)

    I'm so happy I've found your blog ^_^


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