Friday, May 17, 2013

Digging Out

So, last week, it seems, marked the nadir of my entry into summer. This week, although I still don’t quite have the energy to tackle the steppe heroines (believe me, steppe heroines demand all the attention you can give them), life is again looking up. Of the eight projects dragging down my desk three weeks ago, four have moved on to their permanent homes, no. 5 is completed, and I am one-third of the way through no. 6. By next Wednesday, I hope to have whittled the number to a comfortable two. Even the thought raises my spirits.

Better yet, I managed to clear enough time for lunch at the Silver Linings Playbook diner with my pal Diana (although we didn’t rate The Booth this time—go figure). Conversation with a fellow-writer is always fun. I finished rereading Garment of Shadows for my next New Books in Historical Fiction interview and sent off draft questions to Laurie R. King. I even pre-wrote the blog post for the interview, although I’m sure I will rewrite it after I talk to Laurie—I usually do. 

More on that next week. Meanwhile, Philadelphia is showing off its most gorgeous late spring weather. Life looks doable again.

All of which shows that indeed, things change. When I lived in Boston (I suspect other places claim this adage as well), people used to say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.” Life is like that, too: what seems impossible today becomes just a day’s work at some point in the future.

And thank goodness it does. How would we progress, if our worst expectations always became reality?

Light in the Distance
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