Friday, February 14, 2014

The Recipes Project

I know, it’s Valentine’s Day. If I’m going to write about recipes, they should have chocolate in them. Better yet, who wants to cook on Valentine’s Day? A lovely meal in a nice restaurant with Sir Percy—that’s more the ticket.

But after another week of snow and ice and a day without heat, not to mention another cold sent into high gear by the day without heat, I’m just about ready to pull the covers over my head and sleep until spring finally arrives, if it ever does. Yes, there will be chocolates (Éclat,  no less) and a nice meal, assuming we don’t get another blizzard. But for today’s post I decided to feature another blog, one that I learned about when I received an invitation to contribute later this year: The Recipes Project: Food, Magic, Science, and Medicine

For most of history, these four areas of life have been closely connected. Food as medicine, love potions and poisons, “receipts” (the old word for recipes) that were equally likely to address cures for gallstones or blends of pot pourri or pomanders as quince jam or “how to roast your fowl.”

And if you look around, you will even find some posts on chocolate....

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