Sunday, September 16, 2012

On the Prowl: The Golden Lynx

For those of you who have been following my blog posts, this won’t come as a huge surprise. Nonetheless, I’m happy to announce that I have crossed the publishing Rubicon and my new novel, The Golden Lynx, is now available for everyone to read. You’ll find the links to the print, ePub, and Kindle editions below. And for those who skipped my post on “The Art of the Blurb,” a capsule description of the book follows.

Here's your chance to learn about a fascinating period in a faraway world without studying! 


Russia, 1534. Elite clans battle for control of the toddler who will become their first tsar, Ivan the Terrible. Amid the chaos and upheaval, a masked man mysteriously appears night after night to aid the desperate people.

Or is he a man?

Sixteen-year-old Nasan Kolychev is trapped in a loveless marriage. To escape her misery, she dons boys' clothes and slips away under cover of night to help those in need. She never intends to do more than assist a few souls and give her life purpose. But before long, Nasan finds herself caught up in events that will decide the future of Russia.

And so, a girl who has become the greatest hero of her time must decide whether to save a baby destined to become the greatest villain of his.


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